Lindsay (babylil) wrote in wingswing,

Wing Swing Winners

Unfortunately there's been a slight delay in the creation of the award graphics, but the votes are counted and the wingswing winners have been decided.

The "Omigod I Can't Believe I'm Buying This" Award for Most Successul Unlikely Pairing:
Illicit by sweetly_savage

The "I Need a Cold Shower! Stat!" Award for Hottest Story:
Hear No Evil by athena4lynn

The "We Want More!" Award for the Story We'd Most Like to See a Sequel To:
Habeus Corpus by projectcyborg

The Jeanette Winterson Award for Best Story Overall:
First Place: The Constant Flux by intl_princess
Second Place: Redrafting by littleloonlost

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you so much to everybody for taking part. The award graphics will follow as soon as possible. Winners, please feel free (in the tradition of the original wingswing) to make an acceptance speech and post it here.

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